Running a short term rental (STR) can be a unique and profitable way to use a property. We're here to shorten your learning curve! Here are some tips from experienced STROAG's experienced STR owners.

  • Familiarzie yourself with the CITY OF GALVESTON ORDINANCE governing all short term rentals.
  • HOT Taxes : By city ordinance, you're required to register with and pay HOT taxes to the GALVESTON PARKS BOARD.. Taxes are due once a quarter on the 20h of the month. In addition, you're required to do the same with THE STATE OF TEXAS. Failure to do so will result in steep fine and penalties.
  • LLC - Many STR owners choose to operate their STRs within an LLC.
  • Minimum Rental Age: We've found it best practice to only rent to individuals 25 years of age or older.
  • Check in: Greet your guests in person at check-in. On top of giving you an opportunity to familiarize your guests with the house and what's available on the Island, this is also the time to take care of any paperwork such as checking IDs and signing contracts.
  • During their stay: Not only is it a great idea to have someone available to answer emergency calls 24 hours a day, it's the law in Galveston. In addition, do not hesitate to drive by your house to see that things are running smoothly. If you find that your guests have violated your rules and over-occupied your house, the sooner you deal with it the better.
  • After their Stay: Meet your guests at the house again to check-out, ensuring that the house has been left in good condition.
Lastly, if we haven't answered your questions here, please don't hesitate to reach out. There's a lot of experience in this group in running successful STRs that are the star of their neighborhood.